Used DRX9000 For Sale

Used DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine Service Companies Entering The Marketplace

Due to the high popularity of the DRX9000 and DRX9000C spinal decompression machines, we see there is now a market for used DRX9000s and similar used spinal decompression systems.

Following are PR excerpts from two used DRX9000 servicing companies:

The first company is Global Decompression out of Clearwater Florida which offers service, repair, and delivery of the Axiom DRX 9000.

They say in their Clearwater, FL, April 16, 2009 PR release that Global Decompression customers can typically save up to $40,000 off the price of a new spinal decompression machine. That saved money can in turn be applied to other company expenses such as increased marketing, buying additional decompression machines, and payroll expenses.

The second company catering to the used DRX9000 market is Tankar Medical LLC which offers medical equipment distribution services.

In their Highlands Ranch, CO, May 13, 2009 press release Tankar Medical says they provide “pre-owned spinal decompression equipment at a fraction of the cost of new systems, such as the Vax-D, DRX9000, SpineMED, Accu-Spina, Disc Force and more.”

Tankar Medical became a member of the Pro-Football Chiropractors Society (PFCS) in 2008. As a corporate member of the PFCS, Tankar Medical will share, support and provide equipment and services for the proven therapy referred to as non-surgical spinal decompression.

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