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Axiom Worldwide Non Surgical Medical Equipment

As the medical world begin gradually understanding more and more about how the human body and all its complexities work, in turn they discover newer and more innovative ways of treating various ailments and problems people come across. This increased medical knowledge has led to many advancements in surgical treatment, including using non-surgical therapy on patients who in the past would have had no choice but to undergo an operation.

One of the leaders in the field of non surgical medical equipment is Axiom Worldwide. Commonly known for its spinal decompression table the DRX9000, Axiom sport a range of non surgical equipment, including a machine for electrical stimulation therapy. Here is a brief look at their products.

The DRX9000

This previously mentioned machine has been designed as a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment option for sufferers of chronic lower back pain. Using a method of spinal decompression, the table uses motors and rollers to manipulate the spinal column at precise locations, freeing up space between vertebrae and damaged spinal discs, giving them a chance to heal. The DRX9000 is reasonably popular among well established chiropractors and gives patients a real choice against other alternatives.

The DRX9000C

The DRX9000C is a unit designed to relieve neck or cervical pain and shoulder pains. This headrest unit attaches to the DRX9000, and aims to relieve the tension at the root of the Cervical or shoulder pain. The unit uses cutting-edge technology to constantly monitor the pressures and forces being applied to a patients cervical spinal area. This allows the machine to adjust the patients angle in turn providing pinpointed treatment to the patients affected discs.

The DRX9500

Unlike the DRX9000C, the DRX9500 is a standalone unit for treating patients with chronic cervical pain. The headrest unit on this machine is non detachable, but still provides the same pinpoint accuracy and adjustability as the DRX9000C. Using rollers and motors this machine applies cyclic forces to the affected area, aimed at reducing the build up of pressure between intravertabral discs that have been damaged or weakened.

Axioms products are not cheap, this unit included, but the innovative approach to providing treatment to the patients affected areas has made the DRX units extremely popular among members of the chiropractic profession.


This machine provides electrical stimulation therapy, and is suggested as an additional therapy for spinal decompression patients. The electrical stimulation therapy is said to reduce the patients pain perception, making it easier to manipulate the vertebrae during Decompression therapy. An electrical current is sent to a specific area, either a single muscle or small group of muscles, and the charge causes the muscle to contract. Inducing this contraction, either a gentle or forceful one depending on the current being used, encourages the muscle to strengthen itself, and promotes the supply of blood flow to the treated area, both of which will dramatically increase the rate of healing.

The EPS8000 uses a technology called DDS, or Direct Digital Synthesis, which enables it to produce higher resolution and smoother feeling currents to ensure maximum impact from treatments.

Axiom Worldwide is constantly researching and developing the techniques involved in non-surgical treatments. This is one of the reasons products like the DRX9000 and DRX9500 are being used by so many chiropractors, because they know when they buy products from Axiom, they are buying state of the art!