DRX9000 Retrospective Study On Outpatients With Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain

[Treatment of 94 Outpatients With Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain with the DRX9000: A Retrospective Chart Review. From the Wiley Online Library.

Citation: Macario, A., Richmond, C., Auster, M. and Pergolizzi, J. V. (2008), Treatment of 94 Outpatients With Chronic Discogenic Low Back Pain with the DRX9000: A Retrospective Chart Review. Pain Practice, 8: 11–17. doi: 10.1111/j.1533-2500.2007.00167.x

Methods: Patients at a convenience sample of four clinics received 30-minute DRX9000. sessions daily for the first 2 weeks tapering to 1 session/week. Treatment protocol included lumbar stretching, myofascial release, or heat prior to treatment, with ice and/or muscle stimulation afterwards. Primary outcome was verbal numerical pain intensity rating (NRS) 0 to 10 before and after the 8-week treatment.

Results: Of the 100 initial subjects, three withdrew their protected health information, and three were excluded because their LBP duration was less than 12 weeks. The remaining 94 subjects (63% female, 95% white, age = 55 (SD 16) year, 52% employed, 41% retired, LBP median duration of 260 weeks) had diagnoses of herniated disc (73% of patients), degenerative disc disease (68%), or both (27%). Mean NRS equaled 6.05 (SD 2.3) at presentation and decreased significantly to 0.89 (SD 1.15) at end of 8-week treatment (P < 0.0001). Analgesic use also appeared to decrease (charts with data = 20) and Activities of Daily Living improved (charts with data = 38). Follow-up (mean 31 weeks) on 29/94 patients reported mean 83% LBP improvement, NRS of 1.7 (SD 1.15), and satisfaction of 8.55/10 (median 9). Conclusions: This retrospective chart audit provides preliminary data that chronic LBP may improve with DRX9000 spinal decompression. Randomized double-blind trials are needed to measure the efficacy of such systems.  [Click to view the full DRX9000 low back pain chart review article.]

DRX9000 Case Report

[You can find the rest of this case report entitled Management of Low-back Pain with a Non-surgical Decompression System (DRX9000™) – Case Report at TouchBriefings.Com. Following are a few excerpts from the case report. Personal comments are in square brackets. ]

Chronic low-back pain (LBP) is a widespread and debilitating syndrome. Approximately 25% of adults in the US report having experienced LBP in the past three months.(1) LBP is the second most common reason for a visit to a physician, the fifth most common cause of admission to a hospital, the third most common indication for surgery,(2) among the top 10 reasons for visits to internists and the most common and most expensive reason for work disability.(3)

While there are three broad treatment options for treating LBP – surgical, non-surgical and pharmacological – there is little consensus on
which approach is appropriate or preferable for various scenarios.

[In the DRX9000 case report Table 1 shows for Patient A the size of herniated discs for pre and post DRX9000 spinal decompression treatment. There appears to be significant decreases in the herniated disc sizes as well as measurable increases in the overall disc height.]

The DRX9000 computerised non-surgical spinal decompression system was designed to provide maximum patient benefits with the use of a non-invasive approach that may help minimise healthcare resources and offer a potentially optimal therapeutic approach to the treatment of LBP.

The DRX9000 aims to relieve pain by enlarging intra-discal spaces, reducing herniation and decreasing intra-discal pressure during treatment. A retrospective chart audit of 94 patients provided preliminary data that chronic LBP may improve with DRX9000 spinal decompression.6 A prospective trial with 18 patients found that pain improved significantly after DRX9000 treatment, with patients requiring fewer analgaesics and experiencing better function.(7)

Spinal decompression systems such as the DRX9000 have become more
prominent in clinical practice for the treatment of LBP. These systems were developed to provide a non-invasive intervention for the treatment of LBP of discogenic origin, with the goal of expanding the intervertebral space and reducing disc protrusion.

[The report concludes by saying that there is growing evidence-based data showing the positive effects of DRX9000 and that additional clinical studies are needed. This report builds on the previous findings that demonstrate how the DRX9000 spinal decompression system has helped with disc morphology and how Patient A in particular had reduced pain, a reduction in disc protrusion, and increased disc space after the DRX9000 treatment.]

New DRX9000 Released Based Upon Feedback and Survey Results

[Axiom Worldwide has announce a new DRX9000 based upon the feedback and survey results from existing customers. The biggest change is the removal of the video monitoring system which many of the surveyed doctors said was under utilized since most of the patients being treated had fallen asleep. As a result of removing the monitoring system, the new DRX9000 cost has been reduced and the savings passed along to the doctors. For those DRX9000 doctors still wanting the video system, it will be offered as a option.]

Tampa, FL, June 3, 2009: Axiom Worldwide today announces the release of its NEW “DRX9000™ True Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression System.” The NEW DRX9000 is the result of feedback and survey results gathered from existing U.S. and international customers. The NEW DRX9000 offers new features and a new look with the same quality and clinical efficacy that the world has come to expect from Axiom products. One significant change has been the removal of the video monitor. In survey responses most doctors indicated that the majority of their patients fell asleep during the treatment. Therefore, the video feature was greatly under utilized. The removal of this feature has resulted in a cost savings that will be passed through to doctors purchasing the new device. For those customers that still demand video capability, the feature can be purchased as an option. To see Axiom’s NEW DRX9000 or to learn more about its many new features, please visit: www.AxiomWorldwide.com or call: (877) 438-0663 to speak with a representative about a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OFFER!

About Axiom Worldwide

Axiom manufactures medical devices that provide safe, non-surgical alternatives in the treatment of chronic back pain. Data published in Peer-Reviewed journals shows that patients treated on our DRX9000™ have had clinically significant and positive outcomes. As a result, our products are installed in over 20 countries around the world. For additional information on Axiom Worldwide, please visit www.AxiomWorldwide.com or contact Axiom Worldwide, 9423 Corporate Lake Drive, Tampa, FL 33634, telephone: (877) 438-0663.